What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart?

What differentiates WACR from other public forums is the “not-for-attribution” factor, which protects our speakers and allows members to hear undistilled and undiluted information.  Historically, we have long had this policy and the Board of Directors has recently reaffirmed a continuation of this principle for our monthly meetings.  Speakers and members are free to express an opinion, knowing their comments will not appear in the next day’s newspapers.

We believe we are the only organization in the Rochester area with a mission to provide a high level educational experience on issues of international affairs in a small group setting.  Although WACR is not one of the largest councils in the country, we have been distinguished by promoting meetings where speakers speak to difficult issues.  Recently, we have hosted speakers with controversial views on hot button areas such as Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, nuclear energy, and global trade issues.

This willingness to tackle hard topics and to listen to alternative points of view has earned us high praise from speakers.  Each session concludes with an extended Q&A period.  Our members are intelligent, inquisitive, and well informed, so this exchange is usually lively and occasionally controversial.  Speakers invariably comment on the high level of these discussions and value the opinions of our members.

Our policy is to offer diversity as well as expertise to our members.  Our mission is not to reach consensus, but certainly to assure that all sides of a foreign policy issue will be explored and discussed.

How Do I Join?

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Monthly Meetings

Where can I get a copy of Jim Steinberg's book on China - US Relations?

As promised in February when Jim Steinberg gave his excellent presentation on China-U.S. Relations in the 21st Century, I am hereby letting you know that the official date of publication is May 8.  The book can be ordered on Amazon.com at a good price.  It is written jointly with Michael O'Hanlon from Brookings, another of our favorite speakers, and promises to be a good read.  If anyone is passionate enough about the subject or the authors, I can arrange to get a copy autographed for you if you get it to me sometime before summer. 

To Register for Decembers Meeting

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